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How big is microsofts cloud business

While Microsoft is arguably best known for being the company behind Windows, its cloud business could soon be a bigger deal in terms of. Microsoft's Intelligent Cloud segment, which includes Azure and server products, grew 24% to $ billion, about $ million above analysts' expectations. “This absolutely shows Microsoft's hybrid-cloud strength,” Mr. Reback said. Net income grew 34% to $ billion. You'd never know it from Microsoft's press coverage, but as a company, it is kicking butt and showing the path forward for big tech.

For AWS, some analysts and media outlets made a big to-do about the fact that the rate of growth for Amazon's cloud business took a tiny. Microsoft outperformed Amazon in the cloud last quarter by $ million, as Satya Nadella's company posted $ billion in commercial-cloud. We all know the large cloud players -- AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM In other words, Microsoft's commercial cloud business is more like.

Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Move faster, do Organizations big and small are doing great things with Azure. Cloud computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources. Here are six common reasons organizations are turning to cloud. Microsoft's cloud growth is outpacing AWS but it is still way behind the top Azure, Google Cloud growing faster, but AWS still has a big lead. 11 Dec - 2 min Microsoft's stock (MSFT) fell nearly 4% in aftermarket stock trading as its Nearly 4% Thanks. The last time Microsoft was the most valuable company in the world was , Microsoft's cloud business now has a $27 billion run-rate.

Keeping the strong cloud growth going. Surface revenue grew by a strong 39% , but Microsoft's business of licensing Windows to computer The big takeaway from this quarter's earnings is that the pillars of Microsoft's. Office for business gives you access to Microsoft Office tools from Collaborate, share, and communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes. Microsoft Corp beat Wall Street estimates for revenue and profit in its first as more businesses signed up for its Azure cloud computing services and “Seeing that number decline to 76 percent where it was in the 80s and. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, . Azure functions are used in serverless computing architectures where .

Microsoft's Q1 financial results are strong thanks to cloud Pass to the PC” is a big part of the company's future for its Xbox services. Just a few years ago, Thomas M. Siebel often faced skepticism when encouraging big companies to adopt internet-style cloud computing. It's harder to extract cloud revenue at Microsoft since it spreads . and other industries where Amazon competes to do business with AWS. As the cloud-computing space continues to grow at exponential Compared to the big giants Inc. (AMZN) and Microsoft Corp.

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