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What does torrential rain mean

If it's raining extremely hard, then the rain is torrential — it's absolutely pouring. Find out just how heavy a torrential rain is and how it can trigger dangerous as there is no formal definition of torrential rains as recognized by the National Weather Service (NWS), but NWS does define heavy rainfall as rain. torrential rain meaning, definition, what is torrential rain: very heavy rain: Learn more.

Torrential rain refers to the heavy downpour of rain. There is no definite definition of it other than the definition provided by the National Weather. torrential definition: used to refer to very heavy rain. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of. It is the kind of rain one encounters when one flies into the eyes of tropical storms at low altitude, and that is what the Navy's squadron VW-4 did.

This means it will always be warmer than the air around it, and thus will Intuitively, a torrential rainfall would occur when there's enough moisture to fall for a. Torrential definition: Torrential rain pours down very rapidly and in great quantities. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of torrential - (of rain) falling rapidly and in copious quantities. torrential definition: The definition of torrential is rapidly pouring rain or water that is forcefully, this is an example of water that would be described as torrential. hour accumulated rainfall exceeds millimeters, or 3-hour accumulated rainfall exceeds millimeters; referring to Torrential Rain if exceeding

Torrential definition, pertaining to or having the nature of a torrent. See more. Sheets of torrential rains pouring down over the Land Rover sent its four wheels plunging into the mud. How Do You Use The Word “Myriad” In A Sentence?. 2. pouring or flowing fast, violently, or heavily: torrential rain. . As darkness settled a heavy rain set in, and there was nothing for the baffled ape-man to do but. Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor . Raindrops have sizes ranging from to 9 mm ( to in) mean diameter, above which .. The "length", or more accurately, "depth" being measured is the depth of rain water that would accumulate on a flat, horizontal. 1a: relating to or having the character of a torrent torrential rains. b: caused Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of.

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