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Cgpgrey what is reddit

9 Sep - 5 min - Uploaded by CGP Grey Reddit: the frontpage of the internet. Join the Grey subreddit: Subreddit for CGP Grey stuff. What's the Fastest Way to Board an Airplane? ( submitted 1 month ago by GreyBot[A GOOD BOT]. Subreddit for CGP Grey stuff. that there are currently two front page submissions under ELI5 and Videos that were not posted by CGPGrey.

Wendover Productions is a part of, so it's possible a lot of CGP Grey fans also follow him and have seen his video on the EURion. Notes: A video on reddit was really my last choice of what to do right after Subbable. I wanted to have something really involved and. 3 days ago Homepage for CGP Grey. Videos, articles and links. Discuss this episode on the reddit. In Hello Internet. Share.

About · YouTube; Podcasts. Hello Internet · Cortex · Patreon · Email List; More. Archive · RSS · Subreddit · Wall of Thanks · The Electoral College · Lord of the. This fun yet educational video from CGP Grey explains the social networking site Reddit, which is sometimes nicknamed 'the front page of the. CGPGrey - What Is Reddit. People submit links to reddit (blog posts or images or videos) and other people vote those links up or down. Reddit can be weird not because reddit is weird, but because humans are weird. C. G. P. Grey explains what. CGP Grey is the YouTube channel name of an American-Irish educational YouTuber and podcaster who has been posting on YouTube under the channel name.

The front page of The Internet, explained. mug, or poster: Follow CGP Grey's work. If anyone can explain Reddit in a five-minute video, it's C.G.P. Grey, whose YouTube videos break down various complex issues and concepts. 30K likes. Facebook page for CGP Grey: videos, articles, and podcasts. Discuss this video: Wallpapers on Patreon: Official Post from CGP Grey: Create On PatreonExplore CreatorsSign UpLog In · Become a patron · CGP Grey · Sep 9, at am. What is reddit? 4 Likes.

Discuss this video: brief_history_of_the_royal_family/ Research help from: Dr. Carolyn Harris, University of. back to top. studio tdes · contact · newsletter · The Daily English Show · Watch · What's on · Friday Joke · Stick News · Conversations With Sarah · Question. 27 Apr - 8 min C.G.P. Grey - What Is Reddit?, On The Off Chance, NZ The Daily English Show Follow. Video. Which brings us to C. G. P. Grey's informative, if not mash note-worthy, YouTube video explaining what reddit is and how you use it. While it's.

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