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How to play battlefield 1942 lan

Can me a my bro play over a Lan with one copy of BF as long as its local or would 2 need to be bought? We wouldnt be playing much. There's no denying that Battlefield was a masterpiece, leading a the only way to play multiplayer in is to download some patches. Hi I would appreciate if someone can help i can play online mutiplayer games and single player mode no problem but when I try to create a lan.

I bought battlefield v for the computer. we have 2 computers with a crossover cable. I want to play against the other computer on a LAN. Hey everyone, Not sure if any still plays it, but I'm having some trouble getting BF working over LAN. Computer 'A' running Win7 bit. Battlefield was realized on 20 September for windows pc If you want to play battlefield in your LAN server then you have to skip.

BF has always been our favourite shooter, so it was a no brainer that this we had our first session last night one of them had problems during LAN-play. in LAN games. - How do you add bots to a server in a LAN game? i believe that you need to play under co-op might be wrong. I'd love to add BF to an upcoming LAN party. But, the lan party will not have internet access, and I'd like to hand each player a USB stick. i have version of battlefield and the expansion pack, the road to rome which includes 6 extra levels. This is what i do to TRY to play multiplayer. i click. I can play Battlefield with my friend on the LAN with only my single CD key, so BF works fine. You just can't play online, and HAVE to.

The short of it: We as gamers want our LAN play back. I have purchased every game in the Battlefield series since (with exception of. You can't play Battlefield 2 online anymore due to GameSpy shutdown I still play LAN. luckily i bought the cds for and awhile back. Sure, Battlefield 3 remains a big deal, and Battlefield 4 is is on its way. But fans who 10th Anniversary: Download and play Battlefield for free! The BEST memories, we still play BF and codename eagle at LAN's. They also write: Battlefield can be played on two systems using the same CD key only on a LAN game. If you would like to run multiple.

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