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Bodybuilding forums how long to cut

I've been cutting for 9 weeks now and I'm only down lbs, my goal is to lose a total of 25 and by the looks of it it will be nearly 5 months by. My question is how long should one normally cut until they go on a diet break or go back to maintenance and start cutting again. I am pretty. A long time. But you can do it in a week. STARVATION AND LOTS OF DNP Of course you will die, but you will die a beautiful, fat-free man.

Is it possible for me to just stay at the same weight and cut fat? 5 ft 6 in, female, 21 , - ish pounds. How long should I expect to cut?. To give myself time to get in basketball shape, I was wondering how long it takes to cut to under 20% or 15% body fat, given I follow a diet, and. 1g protien/body weight.5g carbs/body weight??) anything else i need to know about how to cut? my main question is how long should one bulk.

i've been cutting now strong since the end of march roughly. have taken cortisol control supplements since then as well have went from a low to. Just curious on estimated body fat, And how long Of a cut it should take to be 9- 10 percent bf. i know I'm not the biggest guy but I was lbs a. I've been cutting at - cal deficit for about 2 months. I have about more pounds to lose. Do I need to take a break at some point or. Cut. Feeling too small? Bulk), but I'd like to see some averages here so I I'd like to, I'm wondering how long your bulks and cuts usually last?. For those of you at or around your goal weight, how long do you cut or diary:

I have been dieting for around weeks. i have been loosing fat at a steady rate but i am defenatly not where i wanna be. I was reading on. This is some what of a rant for me, I'm annoyed of reading newbs posting "Oh I've been cutting for 5 days and I want to give up! How do you do. Common sense cutting out dairy also cuts out a lot of un wanted fat and set goals like pounds a week they will be sucessful long term. I'm hitting all the workouts, and love that part of it, but on the food side of things, I feel like I've been cutting so long I'm just tired of it. It's summer.

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