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Fnl cast where are they now

Post-FNL he's now currently on the dark, Netflix family drama Bloodline. He's also done some notable films, like Zero Dark Thirty, The Wolf of Wall Street, and. After portraying the coach’s daughter and cheerleader, Teegarden starred in several short-lived television series, including Star-Crossed on The CW and Notorious on ABC. Friday Night Lights may have catapulted Plemons into the spotlight, but Fargo was the show that landed him a. It's been 10 years since Friday Night Lights premiered but Texas is ~truly~ forever. Since FNL, Coach Taylor has traded his blue and yellow athletic wear and sideline headset for a more professional look: business casual as a detective on Netflix's Bloodline. No. 33 stole our.

Check out our guide to the film and television projects the Friday Night Lights cast has worked on since the end of the beloved show. Although acclaimed series "Friday Night Lights" ended in with the Taylors moving to Philadelphia, exec producer Peter Berg admitted to toying with the. See where the cast of the beloved high school football show landed . NOW: Following Friday Night Lights, Gilford nabbed a spot as Taylor.

The actors that played the teenagers on Friday Night Lights were virtually unknown before being cast on the awesome series. Now that the show has been off. Friday Night Lights generated a huge amount of dedicated fans during its five seasons and it will surely go down as one of the greatest ever. But in 'Friday Night Lights', the world had a show they could agree upon. take a look below and see what the cast has been up to since they. Ten years ago, one of the greatest TV series ever created premiered on NBC. Friday Night Lights -- an adaptation of the movie and While we're still in mourning, the stars have moved on to big movies and Taylor Connie Britton Now Aimee Teegarden as Julie Taylor Aimee.

See where the footballers and families from Friday Night Lights ended up! with the stars of the beloved drama to see where they all ended up. THEN & NOW: The cast of 'Friday Night Lights' 10 years later to see what the cast looked like then, what they look like now, and what they've. It's pretty hard to believe that Friday Night Lights premiered nine years ago! The beloved show lasted five seasons – and if fans could have their. One week after wrapping his role as Friday Night Lights' adorably awkward QB1, Gilford did a , scoring a job as a cocky plastic surgeon in ABC's Shonda.

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